Amid the corona virus outbreak, a great no. of countries have been put on lockdown, and the govt. as part of a precautionary measure have asked schools, colleges, offices, markets, transportation, etc. to close. As a result, people have been asked to stay quarantined at home and maintain social distancing until the situation has been contained. Venturing outside means risk of contracting the deadly corona virus since the virus is known to survive on surfaces for a couple of hours, making us prone to this deadly sickness. Hence, staying home has become the new normal and even if you don’t like it, you gotta comply with the rules and stay in isolation for the sake of your loved ones. Many of us might not be accustomed to this way of living, and might be experiencing anxiety, stress, etc.

The thought of not being able to go outside for a walk with your dog, or working from home can raise your cortisol hormones, especially for extroverts. Dealing with the challenges of remote working, not being able to sit and brainstorm ideas with your co-workers or indulging in the usual office banter can drive most people nuts. Basically, our remote job success and failure comes from the way we cope with stress. When we deal with a stressful situation, we have to look at the plus sides of it and come up with ways which can help us relax and adjust to the stressful situation. For instance, you can set up a dedicated table in your home from where you can work and conduct video calls with your colleagues. Take coffee breaks just like you did in office. Eat on time, do yoga during the time when you hang out at the office cafeteria. Apart from that why not indulge in a little ‘me’ time with your beau? ;) We believe this is the best time to utilize with your beau. Work from home means you get more time to spend with your partner, working together, cracking jokes, and just as the clock strikes 6, shut your laptop and jump into bed! You save commuting time plus get additional time for sex. 


Let’s look at some ways on how a regular sexy time can help you deal with stress.

  • A good sex life helps keep your blood pressure in check
  • Masturbation, followed by sex is an amazing activity and helps you get good Zzzz hours
  • Sex can help relieve stress by raising endorphins and other hormones that boosts mood
  • Healthy sex is also good for the heart, thus reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases or stroke
  • Orgasms are also good at relieving headaches, which is one of the side effects of stress
  • A good sex life is also great for a man’s prostrate

So, all in all, sex is a wonderful process created by god to bring two people close to each other and no matter what position you try it on, it is incredibly satisfying, keeping your lineage grow stronger and also helping you laugh away those stress lines. It’s a known fact, stated by many researchers that sex is nature’s best and natural way to kill stress. So, instead of sulking at home, typing away in your laptop, why don’t you look at the bright side and dedicate frequent sessions for each other and watch your stress fade away and your happiness meter go uppity up! J


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