Bleu is a condom brand that makes you experience the unusual side of lovemaking that has the chemistry but with no chemicals involved. This condom allows men to become father only when they want to and not by accident or making their partner uncomfortable. This is because becoming a father is a tough job as Father plays an invincible role in every child’s life and the role can have a significant impact on a child and help shape him or her into the person they become later in life. 

Well, the expectations of the father and his role have changed drastically in today’s world. Earlier mothers used to take care of the children and household and fathers used to be the breadwinner. Today most often, both parents are working so fathers today are expected to be more present in their children’s lives like always.

Here on Father’s Day, we are talking about some unusual fathers who are not getting any awards for doing their role, but with their love, care and sacrifices, they have shown a new side of being a father.

*Rahul Kumar (named changed) is a father who believed in the narrative that his child gave and he accepted with an open mind and stood up with his child against all the odds. He worked as a gardener by nurturing the needs of his child and monitor the child’s responses. However, at the age of 14 when his child strongly identified with the opposite gender, and become a rebel, it caused significant distress to them and their family, and it was a matter of great concern. This began what *Rahul recalls as a complicated time in him and his wife’s relationship with their daughter. They told their daughter that they loved and supported her; they thanked her for telling them what she was feeling. But they stopped encouraging her to transition as they wanted her to first completely explore this. 

To *Rahul and his wife, they thought that their daughters’ anguish seemed to come out of nowhere. Her childhood had been free of gender dysphoria—the clinical term for experiencing a powerful sense of disconnection from your assigned sex. They were concerned that what their daughter had self-diagnosed as dysphoria was simply the travails of puberty.

As years passed into her teen years, she continued to struggle with mental health problems. *Rahul found a therapist for her daughter, and while that therapist worked on his child’s depression and anxiety—but not with gender dysphoria. 

*Rahul started researching about youth gender dysphoria for his own knowledge so that he can understand why his daughter was feeling this way and what being a father he could do to help her. *Rahul realized that among other indications, his daughter didn’t feel like a girl, clearly wanted a boy’s body, and was deeply distressed by these feelings.

Most of the resources that *Rahul had found for parents of a gender-dysphoric child made him more affirm that if his daughter said she was trans, she was telling the truth. If his daughter said she needed help, it was *Rahul responsibility to help her. The most important thing he could do was support his daughter. This means they should agree with her declarations that she was transgender.

Just like Rahul being a terrific father, *Sarita (named changed) also plays the role of a father more than just being a mother for her two children. *Sarita was a sex worker who was earning her livelihood through her body. She never liked this profession, but she was forced to be in this tradition by her community and her husband. *Sarita’s husband was living on her income only. Despite this scared of stirring up trouble with her husband, *Sarita was learning to say that the sex is “with his consent.” But her sister showed her the way how she can leave this profession and start doing a job that won’t make her do things where she needs to sleep with men for a living. It was not easy for *Sarita to do another job as she was not skilled enough to a job that will give her an equal amount of money that she was earning now. But then *Sarita got to know about an NGO called Samarthaya Trust. This NGO gave her vocational training to earn a respectable and right livelihood for herself and her family. Now it’s been 5years that *Sarita is earning a decent living and a proud bread earner and gets the respect that she deserves. She feels happy when her kids call her PapaMaa.

Just like *Rahul and *Sarita, *Saurabh is also a father who is doing everything for his kids to be happy even if that means taking divorce from his wife because she was more interested in herself than being a mother or a wife. His kid decided that they wanted to stay with him and not with their mother. So, Saurabh, airbrushed out the negative stuff, and accepted his kid’s decision with open arms and happily took over the charge of single parent. Though work could have been a Catch-22 situation for *Saurabh, he opted for work from home with freelance and project-based work. This might make his money flow a bit less but established love flow for his child in abundance. He was able to give them quality time to play, to cook, to study and to travel with them. He even designed a RG Caravan to travel with his kids to places like Spiti Valley, Rishikesh, South India and so on. These travels make their bond stronger as a family too.

These are the examples of fathers that have taken the unbeaten path and introspect and charted the philosophy of connecting and loving their family the natural way.

Bleu salutes these unconventional father’s who stand and believe in their kids even if it means to go against the society.

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