Yay, the festival season is here again! And as usual, it brings along bags full of positivity, cheer and reasons to push ourselves out of the ‘oh-so- routine’ life. It compels us to make a special effort in planning for gifts, feast, clothes, gatherings, and much more. Good times, happiness all around, memories to cherish, PERFECTO!


Wait, are we missing something? A leading daily had reported, how a massive increase in the sale of condoms was observed during certain festival events. Apparently, happy times bring about a heightened libido and sexual activity in the young as well as the young-at-heart! The question is, ‘Are you one of them’?

While doing all that is ‘supposed’ to be done during festivals, have you ever had a personal celebration with your partner? Have you thought of making it special? If not, don’t fret because you are not alone. Many of us let sex take a backseat on such occasions because obviously there are other priorities demanding attention. But it certainly does not mean that there is a lack of desire.


Now that we have had a moment of realization, isn’t it logical do act (pun intended) upon it? Yes, it’s time to make the festivities brighter this year, go an extra mile and make evident to the ‘one and only’, that festivals mean so much more in his presence. While some might argue that true love does not need out of the box efforts to prove itself, who wouldn’t admit that little things can go a long way in adding a zing to the already happening or maybe not-so happening chemistry between two people. Whichever the case, you have nothing to lose.  These simple tips are bound to sparkle your love life:

Don’t burn yourself out, make time to make love!

Festivals are fun but can be overwhelming and all-consuming at the same time. After a busy day, when you finally get some free moments with your partner, you must have the energy to do more than just kissing each other good night. So, consciously save energy and reserve some time. Remember! the day might have ended but the night has just begun. We definitely need our sexual desires to be satisfied for our mental health.


Build it up, ignite the fire slowly!

Yes, you are likely to be surrounded by family and friends throughout the day. Where does it leave space to play the seduction game? Experts say one need not get too obvious or loud in this regard. A naughty glance, lingering touch, subtle gestures, sweet nothings, are enough to light a spark!

Add a personal touch, make your space inviting!

Again, no big moves recommended. Simple, small changes would do just fine! Light up a candle, place fresh flowers or play romantic music, anything at all to convey that celebrations are far from over.

Enjoy the moment, everything else can wait!

Yes, there might be hundred things to talk about or tales or tell, but none of it that night, please.  Focus! This is going to be much more rewarding!

Dress up well or undress to kill!

Of course, no justification required here, but if it practically seems too much to do after a long day, try the opposite. Undress well! Make the first move, leave no doubt about your intention, just play along!

Don’t hesitate, gift the unexpected!

Someone once said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Ha, ha, don’t we know better? And if we do, don’t shy away from making use of this knowledge. Plan for a gift and let the surprise bowl him over. Be innovative, naughty and spice it up! As you give wings to your imagination, here’s a suggestion – gift him that tiny pack he generally doesn’t expect you to buy. In fact, make a statement with Bleu, a chemical free condom ! The modern woman of today makes informed choices. She knows why Bleu is the best condom available for those who truly care for each other.

If, for some reason, none of the above is possible, don’t underestimate the power of a ‘quickie’. Steal any opportunity possible, REJOICE! The forbidden, it is said, is extremely tempting. Find nooks and corners of your house that you never thought could be the place to fulfil your deepest desires. What fun would it be to dodge others, have a blast and record a personal secret for life! Lose yourself in the moment but not enough to forget ‘Bleu’.


Happy Sextivities!


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