We spend an awful amount of time bashing our bodies and later on, feeling guilty about it. Women especially have this annoying habit of comparing themselves with other women. How hot someone looks; how they are carrying themselves; how that outfit looks so good on them, and if it had been them wearing it, they would look like an absolute clown and what not!

These feelings may seem harmless initially, but constant self-degradation can raise serious concerns. It may lead to low self – esteem, insecurities, low self-confidence, irritability, constant pressure to look good etc. When this happens a person is stuck in a continuous bubble about wanting to look good and if they fail the society’s expectations they start beating themselves over it.


A golden piece of advice, which a dear friend once said was that most people are idiots, one day they will say you’re looking good, and the next day they are going to change their stance, and mock you for your looks. Point is, others opinion of you doesn’t define you, so always, and always be proud of yourself. There will always be a bunch of people who love you for what you are, so why beat yourself over a few insignificant ones who don’t?

Allow us to walk you through on ways to help you become more inclined with your body and start loving yourself.

  • Create a list of things you love about yourself

Jot down a bunch of things about what you love about your body. Stick this list on your fridge so everyday when you head out for work, you will see it and it’ll make you appreciate yourself more. Or you can keep it in your purse or wallet.

  • Splurge on yourself

Relax your body by indulging in some spa therapy. Get pedicure and manicure done and keep your body parts clean and shiny. Go for walks or jog and get yourself pumped up.

  • Dance/workout

Dancing, aerobics and working out releases endorphins which is a chemical compound found in our bodies, making us feel positive and releasing good vibes. It further tones our body and improves physical fitness which is ultimately very beneficial for our health. This in turn has a direct impact on our mental health, making us feel good about ourselves.

  • Fill up your tummy without feeling guilty

Eat all things wonderful, as if every day is a cheat day. Too often, we think that if we eat something it’ll make us shed those extra kilos, which in turn will end up us not fitting into our favourite dresses, or worse people calling us fat! Life is too short to worry about such petty things. Eat to your heart’s content, and feel happy that you get to eat the things you like and live life on your own terms.

  • Live. Laugh!

They say, laughter is the best medicine. And it holds true in every aspect. Laughing boosts immunity, burns calories, lighten’s angers heavy load which ultimately makes you live a long and happy life. The world’s oldest man, also swears by the laughter therapy which helped him lead a long and blissful 112 years on earth.

  • Celebrate your body with your better half

The best way to celebrate your body is with the one you love. Kiss each other. Hold hands. Cuddle. Spoon. Make love. Explore each other’s body and find out new things to love about each other everyday. This in turn also makes us feel confident in front of each other as we learn to appreciate each other and even find beauty in our imperfections.

  • Stop fussing overweight

We can’t stress on this enough! Hey women, listen up! Be confident about your bodies. There are millions of women out there who might be a little round from the outside but are rocking it in their professional and personal lives. Plus size models are creating waves on international runaways, and here you are worrying over your cute love handles!

Just staahhp! And focus on your personality. Learn skills, be a better version of yourself every day, and focus on your family and your own wellbeing.

So, let’s embrace our beautiful bodies and kick up a storm with our brains and wits!

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