Safe Sex Practices: Condoms are the only method of contraception to protect you from unwanted pregnancy apart from birth control pills. These protective sheaths keep you safe, both from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These are economical, easy to use, and come in different variants, flavors, textures according to the user’s taste and preference.

So when it comes to getting down and dirty, the debate always ends up with the burning question: Protected or Unprotected sex?  It is true that usage of condoms decreases and/or eliminates the risk of contracting STDs, using this point as leverage can be a great idea when discussing about protected sex with your partner.

So how do you negotiate with your partner about practicing safe sex?

For starters, talk to your partner in a relaxed and comfortable setting, when both of you are in a good mood. Don’t talk during heat of the moment, as chances are that it might escalate into a fight, or problems between the couple. There should be transparency, good communication, trust, and honesty between the couple as that will enable the couple to talk openly about issues affecting each other. Sex should be fun and enjoyable between two people and not a forceful act where one person doesn’t feel safe at all.

Your partner may have his own reasons on why not to use condoms. Let’s look through this list with hypothetical situations to find out how to react if you're ever pressured to have sex without a condom:


He - I don’t have any disease. So I don’t need to wear one. Why don’t you trust me?

 She - I do trust you but you have to understand that anyone can get STDs and not be aware about it. It’s just a preventive measure to keep us both safe!


He - Taking a pill would suffice.

 She - Pills don’t rule out the risk of contracting STDs. But a condom will keep both of us safe!


He - I don’t know how to use it.

 She - I do. Let me show you how it’s done. I’ve watched so many videos on it.


He - Let’s do it just this one time. I will definitely wear one next time!

She - No. Unprotected sex will keep me at a risk of pregnancy and STDs. I don’t want to take any chances!


He - No one has ever forced me to wear a condom

She - This is for both of our protection. You run a risk of STDs and I won’t have sex without protection. Let me show you how good it can be even without a condom.


He - I don’t feel it while having sex with a condom

She - I feel comfortable and safe with a condom on and not without it. It’s just in your mind. Let’s keep trying and experimenting with different variants and I’m sure you’ll start enjoying it gradually. Besides, safety comes first.

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 In conclusion, if your partner is still disrespectful about your feelings, and refuses to wear a condom, then maybe you need to rethink whether you really want to have sex with him.



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