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What is the secret mantra for a happy relationship for women? Is it the size of the penis or much more than that? To answer this question, we did some digital digging and found an article that sheds light on the topic. Around 33 women were asked whether the size of the penis of their partner matters to them for a satisfying sexual relationship. The younger women said, “size does not matter to them; it is more about what you do with it; discreet sex positions.” Another woman stated, it is about the confidence you have in your body. Another one had a different perspective on the topic. She said, “size does matter when it is related to heart or vision.” 


Another article in Bustle Magazine stated research on the same question - around 85% of women say that size of the penis does not matter; they are happy with what they get. On the contrary, men are more insecure about their penis size. They think the smaller penis does not satisfy ladies. However, this does not even matter to women - sex is more than just size for them. More than size, safety is what women look for. Therefore, to make the lovemaking act a memorable one, search for the best condoms to buy online in India

If the size does not matter, then what matters? 

After establishing the fact, size does not make much of a difference. It is time to learn what matters to women to have a healthy sexual relationship. From safe sex positions to role play to fifty shades of grey, you can explore many things to scale up the sexual excitement. 

  • Discover the sexual energy

“Many women who visit me complain that their partners do not know what to do with their body and how to arouse them sexually,” says Niyatti Shah, sexuality educator, counselor, and author. Sex isn’t about just discrete sex positions; it is much more than that - from wearing the condom right to foreplay, everything makes a difference in helping a woman orgasm. In fact, investing in premium condoms Sizes can enhance the sexual journey for some.   

  • Communication matters

As women can have multiple orgasm sessions, their duration varies according to the exploration of a woman’s body by their partners. It is not just about kissing, sucking, and the bulls-eye! It is more about tapping into the unknown sexual energy of the woman. And this can only be done with communication of energies and what women want. To guard pleasure with safety, it is crucial to have premium condoms sizes handy. 

  • The foreplay effect

For men, it is easier to ejaculate with a simple vision, tongue, and dirty words. But, for women, the story is different. Women take time to get aroused before the actual act, somewhat between 3 and 15 minutes. According to Dr. Kumawat, women need foreplay to get aroused. Women reach the organism point only with an extended foreplay session. Some women have extra sensitive vaginas. To intensify their pleasure, search for the best ultra-thin sensitive condoms

  • The love for the clitoris 

The famous series Friends helps us see what sexual satisfaction means for a woman. Remember the Friends episode where Monica helps Chandler with erotic zones of women and how he can play with those? Well, apart from the clitoris, there are other erotic areas on a woman’s body that lead her to the final destination - lips, neck, toes, stomach, inner thighs. However, according to sexual experts, the clitoris is the most reliable part of an organism. If you need to woo a woman sexually, the clitoris is where you need to put maximum effort. 

According to research, nearly 70% of women are unaware that they orgasm just like men. If that is the case, before letting your partner explore your body, you need to understand your body first. Comprehend what is a trigger for you sexually; is it role play, foreplay, sex toys, or anything else. Also, search for the top 5 condoms that do not hinder your thoughts and feeling while enjoying the sexual moments with your partner.  


What is the takeaway?

For women, size isn’t the issue, but men who do not know what to do during a sex session are. Women tend to have sex with men; they have an emotional connection. However, this is not the case with men. They live under the notion that because they ejaculated and got satisfied, their women too got satisfied. But there is much more to that - safety, pleasure, orgasm! Bleu condoms are amongst the best condoms to buy online in India with Premium Condoms Sizes and are an excellent alternative for the best types of condoms available in the market. With no chemical and harsh lubricant, Bleu condoms are setting new benchmarks for sexual pleasures! 

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