Anybody who doesn’t want to risk getting a sexually transmitted infection (isn’t it all of us?) or deal with an unwanted pregnancy should use condoms during intercourse. The general consensus, however, is that condoms impair the sensitivity of the penis and ruin sex.

A survey showed that 97.9% of men in India who are sexually active know the importance of condoms, but nearly 95% of them don’t use it.

There are several reasons for this negligent attitude during love making sex. Here, we bust this myth for you!


Contrary To Popular Belief Condoms Don’t Ruin Sex

We even have science to back it up. Men who claim that they struggle to maintain their erection because of condom usage could also be suffering from other issues, including erectile dysfunction. Doctors and psychologists further state that the issue could well be psychological. When one looks up sex facts, it is a popular belief that using a condom is like showering with a raincoat on. It is absolutely not! Believe us that with the best condoms for feeling, your experience will be as passionate and sensual as without one, if not more. 


Types Of Condoms And How To Make Them More Pleasurable 

The market is flooded with the best condoms for males. You can choose between latex and non-latex condoms, textured condoms which include ribbed and dotted condoms, edible and flavoured condoms, lubricated condoms, and so on and so forth. Best condoms for women are also available in the form of a female condom. You just have to figure out what suits you and your partner’s body and use condoms in a fun and sexy manner.


Practice Makes Perfect

The more you use condoms, the more confident you get with handling them. Besides, if you keep thinking that wearing a condom will ruin your pleasure, it most certainly will. Having a mind free of stress and anxiety allows the body to become relaxed and you can focus on your pleasure and that of your partner. 


Try Different Condoms 

There are a ton of condoms to choose from. You just have to find the condoms that maximise pleasure rather than those that add chemicals and promise to be the best condoms for long lasting. You can explore our range of condoms that are one-of-its-kind with hypoallergenic properties. Bleü natural rubber condoms come pre-lubricated with a non-chemical-based natural gel, sans any toxic agents. 


Have Fun Putting On The Condom

There is a saying that the mind controls the body and it is most true when you are having sex. If you have had bad experiences with condoms in the past, your mind can hold on to those memories. Men, the mere thought of those bad experiences with a condom can cause your erection to weaken. You can use condoms as part of foreplay and keep stimulating each other while putting on the condom. Wearing a condom should not stop the action, but instead, be a part of it. 


Have The Bigger Picture In Mind

Condoms are the only contraception method that can protect against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. If you keep this bigger picture in mind, you’ll start viewing condoms and their usage differently. 


Condoms are a must when you indulge in intercourse. There are no two ways about it. You just need to put your health and that of your partner first. And who said that pleasure and safety cannot co-exist? Best condoms for safety are those that are free from harmful chemicals and other artificial flavours. The organic condoms at Bleü are free from parabens, glycerine, benzocaine, and do not contain any N-nitrosamines or cancer-inducing compounds. Our condoms are approved by gynaecologists and sexologists for safety and pleasure. 

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