Discover Why It Is Bad For Health To Rely On Birth Control Pills


Birth Control Pills

There are various birth control methods, from a ring in the vagina to a patch to a latex condom, but the most common is Hormonal Contraceptive Pills Or Birth Control Pills. Partners who do not want to get pregnant now or later rely on birth control pills.  

Contraceptive Pills : 

The contraceptive pills are usually made with two artificial hormones – Estrogen and Progestin. These pills put a stop to the ovulation process of the body. Also, they make it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg as these pills change the internal components of the Cervical Mucus. Contraceptive pills only control the birth of a baby, but it does not protect you against Sexually Transmitted Diseases or HIV. Fortunately, you cannot get pregnant and stay safe from HIV and STDs both at the same time with the help of condom sex

Harmful Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills 

  • Spotting without periods

The most common side effect of birth control pills is spotting between the menstrual cycle; This is also known as breakthrough bleeding. Spotting is common for the first six months of taking a pill. The hormones within the body change entirely, and it affects the menstrual cycle. When all pills, condom sex isn’t necessary. Therefore, you are still exposed to STDs.

  • Anxiety and depression 

According to research, women who take birth control pills often suffer from depression. Hormonal changes lead to mood swings; that is why when a woman faces anxiety, anger, or any other emotion, the world generally states – it is that time of the month? Well, taking these pills take a toll on your hormonal level, thus leading her close to the depression gate. Do you still want to consider contraceptive pills as one of the birth control methods for yourself? 


  • Changes in the discharge

Vaginal discharge is a common thing amongst women, especially during ovulation. However, whenever on pills, the frequency of vaginal discharge shifts – increases or decreases. Also, the color or the odor changes as per the hormonal changes happening in the body, leading to Vaginal dryness during sex; This leads to swelling of the vaginal parts. To avoid this, you can opt for lubricants to ace the sexual act. Also, for better lubrication and protection against HIV or STDs, you can use chemical-free condoms like Bleu Condoms.

  • Causing Cancer

Research conducted by the National Cancer Institute cites, “women on birth control pills may increase their chances of suffering from cancer in the long run.” Breast cancer is common among women who use birth control pills than women who have never used them.  If these pills are taken for more than five years, then the chances of cervical cancer increase. Also, studies have shown that ovarian cancer is common amongst women on pills. Therefore, isn’t it better to explore the types of condoms that are best for you? 

  • Blood clots to higher blood pressure

According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, women who rely on birth control pills often suffer from high blood pressure issues and blood clots. If these blood clots reach the lungs, it could cause severe damage to the body – from brain stroke to fetal death. 

  • The vision change

Women on birth control pills often feel the thickness in their cornea, research suggests. Their lens wearing tolerance also decreases with time. Therefore, these pills have an adverse effect on the eyes.  If this is the case, then why harm your body willingly? Search for various types of condoms that can protect you and as well as can add to your pleasure. 

  • Severe headaches/migraines

The research states, “regular intake of birth control pills lead to the increase in the frequency or the magnitude of headache and migraine episodes.” It could affect the sleep cycle, causes neck pain, and cause a blood clot in the brain. The better way to do it is to explore how to use a condom to enhance pleasure, satisfaction while taking care of unwanted pregnancies. 

  • Cardiovascular issues

Pills increase the chances of a heart attack and stroke in some women. Women having a family history of cardiovascular problems should always consult a doctor before proceeding with the pills. 

  • Decreases sexual drive

There are a plethora of studies that state women on pills experience decreased libido. The cause of this is the hormonal changes that happen due to the intake of these pills. Not only this, these pills are not safe for women who smoke and are above 33 years of age. 

A Simple Alternative 

If birth control pills have such a negative impact on our body, then why take the risk? It is better to use condoms that are chemical-free and vegan. From all-around protection to enjoyment, you can get everything during the love-making without risking your health and happiness. Just google how to use a condom in a way that it intensifies sexual pleasure for you. Women, isn’t it better to be safe than being sorry later? 

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