Mental Health of Women - Phenomenal woman often wonders where her secret lies - from being an Indian classical dancer to a fashion diva; from hitting the ball with an astonishing cover drive on the cricket field to rolling out chapatis with her MasterChef expertise; from being a major supporter in infamous Chipko Movement to #MeToo movement on Twitter; from driving auto-rickshaw to space expedition; from a grumpy sister to a passionate lover; for her existence is not built to suit a fashion model’s size. Therefore, shades of woman are likely to fall short for men, as her classic red lip looks for confidence and glamour.

The strong woman wore her scars as her best attire if loved correctly she would warm your entire house with positivity. Women are far from helpless; they are resourceful, compassionate, warm, loving, focused individuals. When it comes to men or children in the family, their health, fitness and wellness, the woman would change everything: mealtimes, cooking styles, bedtime, workouts, etc. and all this because women take their roles seriously more than men. Small businesses owned by women in rural developing communities have formed a networked economic foundation for the future generation. In a country like India, where goddesses are worshipped as Shakti (strength or power), gender bias should be out of our belief system. Even, the current political and corporate cultural scene with women occupying positions of power at almost all levels have made the structure more profound and organized.  


A woman with realized potential(Mental Health of women) is happy, confident and settled no matter what her marital status is. Over the years, the roles they had confined themselves to, the dreams and goals sacrificed or forgotten, over their hormones, over their body weight and society expectations has led to an imbalanced society evident by the no. of female infanticides, eve-teasing etc. being performed and all thanks to the preference of boy over a girl. The notion of perpetuating backwardness(mental health conditions) of a woman especially in rural areas is one of the reasons for poverty, unplanned family size, poor reproductive health, hunger etc. 

Future is about style and innovation, and who can understand fashion, vibrant colours better than woman, who can bring the boring and unsettling future disputes to a halt and nurture the feminine nature within a present patriarchal system. Strong women idealize woman strength as a responsibility and not a curse, with their praises being sung through lifetime through selfless perseverance, a perfect example being Rani Laxmibai who was a daughter, a mother, a wife and a queen of province.

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