How to Use Condom for Safe Sex

There are umpteen methods available in the market when it comes to birth control but using a condom is the easiest option. There are no two ways of using a condom. Are you following the right steps while using one? Read below to find out everything you need to know about the correct condom use method. And even if you were already doing it right, it never hurts to do a little refresher course. After all, you are only one wrong step away from unwanted pregnancy.    

Check for the Expiry Date

Before using a condom, it is important that you check the date of manufacturing and expiration. When a condom is past its date of expiry or not stored properly, there is a possibility for its latex to break down. Using expired protection can also have other side effects.

Check for an Air Bubble

This is another way to check for the freshness of the condom. Before opening the packet, feel for an air bubble using your thumb and index finger. There should be a small cushion of air if you press on the wrapper and a slip-slide feeling of lube. This should be done to make sure that packing has been intact.

Open the Condom Package Carefully

It is advised not to use any sharp object to open the package as doing so will only increase the risk of tearing the rubber. Most condom packets are easy to open with bare hands. Once you have opened the package, check that the rubber is not dried out or damaged in any way.

Checking for the Right Side Out

Before you learn how to use condom for safe sex you need to check that the condom is ready to be rolled the right way. The easiest way to know if a condom is a right side up is if you can roll it down on your erect penis with ease. To unroll the condom, you don't have to stick your fingers inside it. And if you do, you don’t have the right side out. This is the easiest marker. A condom should roll on like a hat with its rim on the outside and not like a shower cap. If you accidentally put the condom on the wrong way, do not reuse it. You need to throw out the condom and get a new one. 

Place the Condom on the Penis Head

The next step is to place the condom on the head of your penis. But, before you do so, you need to know how to use a condom for safe sex and ensure that you make some space to collect the semen. The reservoir tip of condoms is not very large, and to ensure that you do not face any discomfort during ejaculation, you need to make enough space.

Not leaving enough space could also cause the condom to break and for the semen to leak. Pinch the tip of the condom to create that room for yourself and place it on the head of your penis. 


Unroll the Condom   

You need to unroll the rubber after placing it on the tip of your penis and cover the full shaft. This is an important step in how to use condom as it ensures that the condom doesn’t slip away during intercourse.

Hold the Condom while Withdrawing

After you have ejaculated, it is essential to hold onto the base of the condom while pulling out from your partner’s body. This is another important step in how to use male condom process as failing to hold the rubber while withdrawing increases the risk of the semen leaking out. You also need to follow this step before your penis goes soft. 


Throwing away the Condom 

You need to throw the condom away in the trash can after one use. You should wrap it up in tissues or toilet paper to prevent the condom from leaking and you cannot reuse the protection. 

It is important to know how to use a condom in the correct manner, but what is equally important is using the correct condom. When it comes to protection, the market is flooded with variety. And so you need to make your choice very carefully.

Most people do not know that flavoured condoms are not meant for vaginal sex and were only introduced as a pleasurable means for oral sex. There are several flavoured condoms side effects and can cause vaginal infections and also affect the pH levels of the vagina.

Organic condoms that do not contain any harsh chemicals in the lubrication liquid nor carcinogenic agents in the rubber are the best hypoallergenic condoms. Bleü condoms are natural and non-toxic, free from Parabens, Glycerin, Artificial flavours, and Benzocaine.


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