Love Sex - Affinity is a common feature between both the sexes which results in lovemaking. Love does not only include intimacy but care, concern and catering to the partner's intimate needs. Female partner needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to the selection of condoms. As both have the right to have an enjoyable lovemaking session coupled with safety.

With respect to safety, toxic agents like carcinogens and nitrosamines have already proved to be demonic for female sexual health by being cancer agents. In order to increase the pleasure level for couples, companies use parabens, glycerine, and benzocaine. The irony is that barriers like condoms prevent STI's but the use of such chemicals by companies ends up in promoting their transmission. Parabens can potentially accelerate the growth of breast cancer, glycerine can even increase risk of STI's (sexually transmitted infections) by promoting the growth of yeast infections and last but not the least benzocaine leads to itchiness and dryness in female private parts.


In males, It decreases sensitivity in male sexual organ, numbing the area causing itching and irritation. Considering the sexual health of females to be of vital importance, Komal Baldwa, Founder of Bleu, has come up with a safe and chemical-free condom version.

Bleu has been originated by a woman out of her own experience which is an emblem of Bleu's authenticity. It follows the policy of zero-tolerance against chemicals. It is non-toxic and curated for sensitive skin. It’s naturally derived latex rubber has been certified from Forest Stewardship Council deeming it to be the safest condom. It does not contribute to the mindset of incorporating artificial flavours like vanilla, strawberry, etc. It stands against the components which are associated with increasing duration of climax at the cost of sexual health. It ensures that couples do not go through hormonal imbalances in the body which further hinder in family planning

All in all, Bleu celebrates healthy, mutual and chemical-free love. It conceives lovemaking, not just a physical activity or a passage to pleasure but the beautiful union of two souls. It encourages the woman to have a real man in her life, who cares for her and concerns for her. Bleu is a perfect choice for a partner to enhance lovemaking sessions, inducing a natural, innate feeling.

So why wait? It's time to take a sexually healthy move for yourself and your partner and be in charge of your sexual health!

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