Sexual Wellness Tips : As the coronavirus cases continue to rise globally, by now, you may find yourself quarantined at home with your partner.

This could be a wonderful time to connect with your partner, however, you might also have questions about how safe it is to get intimate in these times.

Social distance has been strongly advised, but this does not mean you should isolate yourself and avoid being intimate with your partner.

Sharing a bed with your partner should not be an issue if both of you are healthy and have had no known exposure to anyone with COVID-19.

If you’re looking to improve your sexual wellness (Sexual Wellness Tips) to make things even better in quarantine, then here are the 7 tips to get you there!

1. Condoms are Fun ..no more boring

Condoms are not only easy to get and use, but they even make sex better — on a serious note.

If you are not prepared to handle a likely unwanted pregnancy or an STI, the use of condoms is the easiest way as it offers multi-layer protection. They’re an inexpensive and portable way to get ultimate protection from unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

Sex is better when it is safe because it stops stress from ruining the mood. Condoms let you and your partner focus on pleasure without worrying about the consequences.


The best part? You don’t need a prescription to buy them.

If you're having a hard time choosing the safest condoms for these times, go for the organic ones. We recommend Bleu, which is chemical-free and considered the best condoms for sensitive skin in India.

2.  Smoking and alcohol is Unkool..Quit now

Consuming a significant amount of alcohol may reduce the ability of a man to have an erection, and sustain it.

It can also significantly reduce a woman's ability to get sexually aroused and have an orgasm.

The days of alcohol and cigarettes oozing coolness are gone for good. Putting out the bottle of whiskey and the pack of cigarettes could power up your sex life.

3. Eat healthy food

Sexuality is considered as a reflection of your general health condition.

Healthy food nurtures the body in different ways and assists it to be at its best in situations like sex.

Having a balanced diet will greatly enhance your mood and energy levels. To retain a healthy relationship and sex life, include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins in your meals.

4. Have open communication with your partner

Good communication is a crucial part of having good sex.

Find time to talk to your partner about his or her taste, preferences, and expectations in love or sex. Having these conversations can bring emotional, psychological, and mental benefits to your relationship.

Talking about these topics also help you in learning about each other and building the foundation for a healthy relationship.

You should also be willing to experiment and explore new things to make your partner feel appreciated.

5. Kill that Stress

From money to work, everyday stress can impact your sex life and potentially cause relationship issues.

If stress is persistent, your body uses sex hormones to fulfill increased demands for higher production of cortisol. This results in lowering your interest in sex.

Stress can affect your heart rate and blood pressure as well which might result in significantly reducing your sex drive as well as performance. We suggest speaking about your stress factors to your partner, as it can motivate you and bring both of you closer.


Meditation and breathing exercises can help in minimizing stress and maintaining a good sex life. However, it's only possible when you both put in time and effort.

6. Exercise regularly

Having a fit body feels good, doesn’t it? If you need another reason to scale up your fitness game, better sex is the answer.

Whether it has a strong impact or subtle effects, regular exercise offers an array of mental and physical benefits that positively impact sex. It reduces stress, boosts your self-esteem, and even leads to more frequent and intense orgasms.

Physical exercise boosts serotonin production inside the brain as well, which elevates mood, enhances sleep, and helps with the desire for sex.

While in quarantine, make sure your everyday routine includes some form of physical activity or yoga.

7. Sex-educate onself

Finding solutions to sexual problems is now easier than ever before.

There are plenty of good self-help resources for every kind of sexual health issue. Browse the Internet or get in touch with your doctor, gain knowledge about the resources that matter to you, and use them to educate yourself and your partner about sex and wellness.

Learn about your body and how it works as it's never too late to explore your sexuality. Learn more about your partner's habits, health, and preferences as well.

Allow yourself to seek pleasure by embracing and exploring new things with your partner. Choose condoms that do not make the after-sex experience bitter. We recommend you to try Bleu, considered the best condoms for sensitive skin couples in India.

If you have a regular sexual partner, remember that coronavirus isn't the only thing you need to be careful about. If you are not intending on conceiving and to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections, you should use condoms.

Bleu, India's first chemical-free organic condoms, not only ensures you with conceiving and STIs but also adds love, care, and wellness to your intimate life.

To end the read, be curious and enjoy the process!

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