When it comes to sexual wellness, it can be hard to figure out what can be categorized as a potential health issue on the reproductive front. You might encounter tiny red flags which you may shrug off as “normal” because, let’s be honest, in this era of Google, nobody likes going to the doctor’s office for a petty sore or blister, especially when it’s something which is happening on your intimate parts. Most people feel awkward about visiting a Gynecologists' simply because they don’t want to get judged.

However, the trend is now shifting towards health and wellness on all fronts. Outer appearance matters, as well as inner well-being. A candid chat with your doctor about your sexual wellbeing can make you aware about conditions which you might have been oblivious to.

So here are five reasons why it is necessary to discuss about your sexual wellbeing with your doctor. 


STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases are infections that spread through sexual contact from one person to other, during vaginal, anal or oral sex. If left untreated, these can have serious health consequences. That is why it is vital to go for regular checkups to your doctor and get to know about sexual ailments that may or may not be affecting your health.

Some examples of STD’s include:





-Hepatitis A, B and C

Among these, most STDs are curable, while HIV and Herpes, are chronic. A person diagnosed with HIV has to take medication for his entire life in order to prevent the condition from worsening.

Safe sex

While discussing STD’s, safe sex practices are the solution to prevent the risk of contracting STDs. This includes ways on how to indulge in safe sex with your partner. It is always recommended to indulge in protected sex with your partner, by means of a condom. Using condoms is a barrier method to prevent the spread of STDs(Painful Sex), and also decreases the risk of unwanted pregnancy. A doctor can give you tips about the correct way to wear the best condoms for sensitive skin, and usage of water-based lubricants during intercourse which makes the act safe and more pleasurable.  This also decreases the chance of condom tearing. While the market is filled with condoms made from latex or other synthetic materials, Bleu condoms are specially crafted, chemical-free organic ribbed condoms which are absolutely safe for both the partners’ intimate regions and thus their sexual health.

Other safe sex practices which can decrease your chances of contracting STDs entails keeping the number of sexual partners low, indulging in monogamous relationships only, getting you and your partner tested before the start of a sexual relationship.




Substance Abuse

Unsafe sex is directly correlated to substance abuse through the usage of drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Millennials indulge in unsafe sex under the influence of such substances which is harmful for the body and the person is under the risk of contracting STD’s or unwanted pregnancy. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco decrease your sex drive, making one susceptible to mood swings and reduced frequency in sexual intercourse.

Ergo, it’s important to visit your sexual health doctor from time to time and discuss openly about body issues.

Be mindful of symptoms (Painful Sex) experienced during/post-sex

While it is fairly common if one experiences pain or discomfort when it’s your first time, however, if the pain persists a number of times afterwards, then it might be a cause of worry. For instance, one might experience pain, itching and/or dryness in your vagina post-sex, or a burning sensation during urination, for fleeting moments. This shouldn’t be disregarded as a normal thing, especially if it keeps happening continuously. Head to your doctor immediately if you experience such symptoms before it turns into something major! A doctor will advise you on safe sex practices, different sexual positions to ease your discomfort or suggest natural, chemical-free products which might be the reason for your symptoms. Bleu buy online condoms are paraben-free and hypoallergenic, meaning that it is unlikely to cause chemical reactions or allergies post-sex, ensuring your lovemaking sessions leave you fully satisfied.

Lifestyle factors altering your mental health

It is true that lifestyle changes affect your mental health and thus your sexual health. Improper food habits, work-life stress and personal problems may take a toll on your mental & reproductive health leading to behavioral changes and cause to painful sex. If you notice your sex drive going down, then it’s time to contact your doctor who can give you proper guidance on how to counter the negative effects of your lifestyle. Bringing changes in your lifestyle-like eating healthy, proper sleep pattern will cause a significant impact in improving your sex life.





















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